KGW produces internals for steel and hybrid towers for onshore and offshore wind power plants.

For Steel Towers

  • Mechanical and electrical equipment to customers' specifications
  • Support in prototype development
  • The complete procurement of components and installation is carried out by KGW

For Hybrid Towers:

KGW has developed a pipe module system with pre-assembled fixing elements of all components, providing the following advantages:

  • Transportation of all internals to the construction site on a standard truck
  • Time-saving installation of all internals directly on site
  • Simple installation without heavy gear, i.e. no crane required
  • Installation regardless of wind and weather conditions

Internals Kit for Steel and Hybrid Towers

KGW offers pre-assembled kits of internals, each tower and section of which is completely prepared for transportation by road or sea. On demand, KGW takes over the entire logistics of progress supervision and transport to the wind farm.

Up to now, KGW kits have been supplied for projects in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Uruguay and France.

Customized Equipment Options

  • Access ladder, aluminum and/or steel hot-dip galvanized design (with the back to the tower wall or center) plus access aid
  • Safety system with a fall protection rope or rail
  • Platforms made of aluminum, hot-dip galvanized steel or slotted plywood
  • Power supply via cables or busbar

  • Interior lighting fully installed
  • Entrance door with ventilation grill, insect screen, filter mat as well as anti-panic locking system
  • Assembly access hatch with a securing cage

  • External staircase with and without protection

  • Vibration damper

  • HV connection elements in ready-for-installation packing
  • Additional facilities, such as service winch or lift cage
  • Service lift