In the past 20 years, KGW has processed a total of approx. 410,000 tonnes of steel into tubular steel towers for various manufacturers of wind power plants. This amount roughly corresponds to forty times the steel structure of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In addition to its long history of manufacturing, KGW also provides:

  • high quality acc. to the ISO standards
  • all stages of production and all components/materials "Made in Germany"
  • long-standing partnership in line with high quality standards with certified suppliers only
  • permanent staff of skilled experts in all fields of operation
  • production sites right in the heart of Europe, properly interlinked in terms of logistics and with large storage capacity:


Two production sites with a total of:

43,900 sqm of hall and assembly facilities
68,400 sqm of storage space

This results in enormous flexibility in terms of production and delivery time.

  • KGW is part of a financially solid group of companies, which makes it a good partner for projects substantial in volume
  • The long-standing customers of KGW appreciate the excellent balance between high quality and implementation costs (see References)
  • Thanks to many years of experience, KGW is in a position to advise on each customer project and thus to cut costs. Prototype development is also carried out together with the principals.